60″ from center

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Sixty inches from center was an exhibition held in the 33 E. Congress building of Columbia College Chicago. This exhibit gave Chicago graffiti artists a chance to display their work indoors where it would not be removed by mayor Daley’s graffiti blasters. The interesting aspect was all the different styles of street art. The disappointing part was the small number of artists. In my opinion the show would have been more successful with smaller pieces and more artists.

Delicious Design League

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Delicious was interesting to tour for many reasons. Firstly I’m a Graphic Design major so I enjoyed hearing about how these two guys got their start. It was cool hearing about their different roles, one is more or less all business and the other does almost 100% of the design work. And being slightly naive to screen-printing, it was nice hearing about each step in their process. Nice guys. Sweet posters.


The Yes Men

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“Keep it Slick…” was an interesting exhibit for the group known as The Yes Men. They pose as slick corporate spokesmen and either present ridiculous ideas or sometimes pose as men from a real company to apologize for something the company did. The tick suits were awesome. I really enjoyed how much they filled the space.


Lara Miller

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Visiting Lara’s space was really awesome. I really like her secret basement store and her stories are inspiring to anyone fresh out of college. The economy she talked about being in wasn’t very exciting, but she’s very motivated and determined to stay active in the handmade Chicago clothing scene.


Beyond Planes

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“The Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun was first produced by the Swiss company Oerlikon Contraves in 1914, it was either sold to or stolen by all sides during WWI and WWII and continues to be used today.” This gun was made completely with paper. Rad.

see more paper at postlerferguson.com


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“May the force of typography be with you.” These clever little posters are using type as image. They also have a breakdown at the bottom of which fonts are what.

see all three at this blog that isn’t as good.

Teepees for Cats

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I said TEEPEES FOR CATS! Nuff said

visit mtldesigners.com for more pics

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