Inflatable Photo Studio

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The IPS was created by Brian Hedenberg who thought about how difficult it can be to have a studio space when starting out in the world of photography.

“The product, IPS (Inflatable Photo Studio) – which looks more like a large garbage bag inflated – is offered in two sizes. The small measures 3.66 mx 2.13 mx 3.05 cost me $ 399 (around £ 666). The large 6.10 mx 3.66 mx is 3.66 me is $ 499 (£ 833). Both come with a fan to inflate them. According to the creator, it takes them two to three minutes to get ready, and plastic is dark enough to prevent natural light from the environment to interfere with work of the photographer. Deflated, the studio is with a size of 61 cm x 61 cm x 121 cm.”

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JR wins Annual TED Award

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The street artist JR has gone all around the world taking pictures of citizens living in hostile environments. After, he pastes the large scale photos on the walls of the city in which the pictures were taken. These images give life to these spaces that are otherwise bleak and without artistic expression.

For this he has won TED’s annual $1,000,000 award.

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Affordable Art Fair

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“Join us at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park (21-24 October) with a day out to remember and contemporary art to take home and enjoy forever.”

With 120 galleries selling work, it shouldn’t be hard for people to find affordable art to purchase. God I wish I could hop the pond just for the weekend. Check out all the gallery sites shown at the AAF site.

Dexter Sinister

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At the UIC museum we saw a exhibit by Dexter Sinister. The exhibit consisted of a long narrative describing meta type. It was very technical and difficult to read all the way through. This is basically all I remember.

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