Tokyo Illustrators Society

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“Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS) was established in October 1988. TIS was founded not merely as an arena for illustrators to get acquainted with each other and exchange ideas but also as a platform to let our society know their capabilities.┬áThere are a total of 213 TIS members as of May 2010.”

I like this site because it’s interesting for me to see the different illustration trends and styles that can be found in Japan. It seems that japanese illustrators are less concerned with portraying people and things in a photo realistic style. I like that.


Halo Jetpack – London

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Here we see guerilla advertising from Bungie, the developers that created the popular Halo games. Bungie had a “spartan” or soldier fly around this popular London space in a REAL JETPACK!!! That’s right it’s real… no post-production effects were added to this video clip. I guess when you’ve made two unbelievably popular games as Bungie has, you have the clams to do any kind of advertising you want. “We were thinking of having a guy just fly around London in a real jetpack.” … “That sounds great, let’s do that.” Must be nice. But hey, we all have goals.

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